About the Authors

"Julia's Cats" coauthor Patricia Barey

Patricia Barey

"Julia's Cats" coauthor Therese Burson

Therese Burson

PATRICIA BAREY and THERESE BURSON have produced award-winning documentaries about pioneers in health care, cultural preservation, and the arts. They’ve long been intrigued by that American original, Julia Child, and like millions, felt a personal connection to her and her passion for food, cooking, and the City of Light. Digging deeper into firsthand accounts, they uncovered something surprising—that she adored pussycats. They knew her life’s story wouldn’t be complete unless it included her cherished feline companions.

Ms. Barey lives in Tucson, Arizona, with two chats lunatiques, Ella and Rosie. Ms. Burson lives in Evanston, Illinois, in a maison currently sans chat.